Aravind Padmaraju

About Us​

Habbfit was born in 2016 when Aravind Padmaraju entered a movie theatre and the ticket collector mistook his wife for his daughter because he appeared so large in front of her.

That very day, he made a commitment to become the fittest version of himself, but being an IT Head in a Multinational Company based in Dubai it was very hard for him to manage his professional and personal goal of becoming the fittest version of himself

Since then, he has tried numerous fad diets and has been unable to sustain the journey of maintaining a fit body until and unless he came across the right guidance that helped him understand how to break the vicious habit loop that was preventing him from breaking the code to break free from the loop of unhealthy life choices.

From there, Aravind set out on a mission to help 100K busy professionals to break free from their unhealthy habit loop and reclaim their healthiest and fittest selves without sacrificing their social lives.

Why Us

We do not advocate for a one-size-fits-all dietary approach. We use our scientific approach and experience to provide a critical interpretation of our client’s lifestyles and Habits that best suit them and are tailored to each individual differently. As a result of this approach, we can provide unbiased advice in the best interests of our clients.

Health is much more than a number on a scale, and it is even more than the nutrients that form the foundation of a healthy life. Healthy living also entails empathizing with our psychological attachment to food, how we perceive food, and how we approach nutrition in general in a healthy manner.


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