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Strength Is The Product Of Struggle

Satish, a 43-year-old busy IT professional, dropped his shirt size from XL to M and is still on a mission to lose inches

Satish learned how to incorporate fitness and optimal nutrition into his lifestyle while on his transformation journey, as well as how to manage stress and lifestyle choices. He had been an active person before lockdown, but due to poor choices, he gained a lot of un-healthy weight that he wanted to lose and get in shape for a trek. 

It was then that he met Aravind, and while working with him, he was introduced to six habits that not only helped him lose weight and inches, but also helped him maintain his new physique since last year!!

Discover how Zainul dropped his body fat percentage from 34% to 14% and dropped 23 Kg while eating biryani and ice cream

Zainul initially asked if he could eat whatever he wanted, with the exception of ice cream, which he craves.

However, while working with Habbfit, he realised that his previous misconceptions about diets had been cleared, and he learned about the most optimum diet that he can have based on his body and lifestyle, and he not only enjoyed his ice creams and the food that he craved, but he did it while in the middle of changing countries and still maintaining the weight that he lost while working with Habbfit.

How does a busy HR professional Archana drop 15 kilos by eating twice as much food?​

Archana followed numerous diets, but she remained trapped at a weight that made her believe she had a more serious issue. She was able to break this plateau at Habbfit and she discovered;
👉 The proper approach & education on nutrition and fitness are necessary
👉 A mentor is necessary for healthy & sustainable progress
👉 Fitness is a lifetime endeavor rather than a short-term aim
👉 For sustainability, select a workout that you will enjoy 

Now Archana gained the confidence to achieve anything in her life!

Find out how Shyam- a full-time trader, broke the loop of gaining & losing weight while achieving all his trading goals

Shyam, a full-time stock trader from Chennai, India, relied on crash workout/diet plans to lose weight. For the past eight years, he has been on an erratic fitness journey! When habbfit entered his life, he was able to break the cycle and maintain it throughout the year. He was able to lose 15kg!

Shyam could devise a diet plan that suits him and his family with the help of Habbfit, in addition to breaking the cycle of losing and gaining weight. Furthermore, the mindset shift from habbfit assisted him in achieving all of his stock trading objectives. 

Watch a live consultation with one of our clients, Rinka Roy, who began seeing results while managing her entire home and changing her eating habits!!

When Rinka first started working with Habbfit, she struggled with eating unhealthy foods. As she progressed with Habbfit, she realized that exercise and nutrition aren’t the only things that matter, but changing habits and lifestyles are essential components of a successful transformation.

Rinka enjoyed foods such as Vada and other traditional foods, and she still does, but she learned the science of cravings and overeating, so she does not overeat.

The message she wants to send to everyone is that walking the transformation is not a difficult task that requires you to give up something, but rather it requires you to understand your habits and set the right goals!!

How Ranjan, a government banker, realised that staying fit is not a one-time goal, but must be a part of your lifestyle while overcoming his lifestyle problems!!

While on his 90-day transformation journey with Habbfit, Ranjan realised that staying healthy is a part of life and began to understand what he had to eat while out with friends and family.

He understood the concept of eating right food, which increases confidence and socialisation and is not difficult at all, and he also recovered from the diabetes lifestyle problem.

During the process, his wife followed the same diet and miraculously lost weight; as a PCOS patient, her doctor inquired as to what she was eating, Pretty Amazing right ?

Meet Siddharth, a Civil Engineer who walked his journey with Habbfit from 83 kg to 75 kg and achieved the shape he desired!!

Siddharth wanted to lose weight quickly because he had a busy schedule. After joining Habbfit, he worked closely with one of our coaches and learned the science behind developing good habits to lose weight!!

As a result of that knowledge, Siddharth recalibrated his mindset toward the goals he desired to achieve and instill healthy habits and mindset in his life, which eventually resulted in him receiving the expected results.

Shrikant, A busy IT Pro lost 6 kg in 3 months and learned how to manage stress & lifestyle choices

Shrikant had been an active person before lockdown, but due to work pressure he ought to work for at least 15-16hrs, he gained a lot of unhealthy weight that he wanted to lose and get in shape.

At that point, he signed up with Habbfit, where he was exposed to habit development techniques that would be important in his weight loss and overall health Shrikant learned how to incorporate fitness and optimal nutrition into his lifestyle while on his transformation journey.

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